The use of technology has proved to be a game-changer for many organizations working in different industry domains. It is only because of the technology that we are now able to shop online, order things from other parts of the globe, and trade using cryptocurrencies. Organizations are also using technology to more efficiently to segment, target, and position their products to prospective buyers.

Among others, we are also witnessing the increased use of technology in the cannabis industry. According to Cannabis Stocks News, the use-cases of legal weed are on the rise and this can be easily attributed to the increased use of technology. This, coupled with a rising number of countries adopting a lenient approach towards the use of marijuana, the consumption of cannabis is finding favor with a large number of stakeholders. We discussed below some of the ways technology has come to the aid of the cannabis industry and helping it to spread its wings far and wide.

Changing the DNA sequence

The use of technology has allowed the producers to change the DNA sequence of cannabis to manufacture different types of products from the plant. Contrary to the past when cannabis products only took the form of medicinal and recreational products, today we find a large variety of marijuana products taking the shape in terms of capsules, vaping, and gummies—this has become possible only with the help of technology. Some of the organizations have achieved mastery in altering the DNA sequence of cannabis. Take, for instance, Colorado-based organization which claims that it can grow the cannabis plant without any traces of CBD or THC in its DNA.

Customized product

The use of technology has also allowed the organizations to customize their products by choosing to provide the right kind of CBD and TCH blend that an individual customer wants. Depending upon the biochemistry of the customers, this customization can be done and it is sure to help widespread adoption of cannabis across the globe. Some organizations have already achieved breakthroughs in terms of personalizing cannabis offering while others are fast catching up.

Online Selling

The online selling of cannabis is witnessing tremendous growth, especially in countries that have legalized the sale of cannabis. Like all other conventional products, people are ordering marijuana online, and therefore, the overall growth of the industry has registered impressive growth. Organizations in the medical industry are also working on virtual reality platforms that will help consumers understand different ways of consuming cannabis safely.

Use of LED Lighting

The artificial cultivation of cannabis consumes a huge amount of electricity. Cannabis plant requires a good dose of light which it receives from the sun in a natural environment, but in the artificial environment, this particular requirement is met by the LED technology. LED light bulbs are now been used to grow cannabis plants and they are proving to be very effective in meeting the goal of cannabis cultivation. Also, LED technology is quite cost-effective and consumes very less amount of electricity to operate which makes it ideal for growing plants.


The use of technology is revolutionizing the cannabis industry—both in terms of its cultivation and consumption. All the stakeholders involved in the industry are tremendously benefiting from the technology and it is expected that the use of technology will power the next phase of growth in the cannabis industry.