The 420 event holds a special place among the marijuana community. It is a slang and refers to the cannabis community coming together to smoke at 4:20 pm on April 20 every year. In the wake of the currently ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the celebration this year was slightly different. Just so you know, the 420 phrase was first coined by a few high school students in California in the 1970s who wanted to communicate in a code language in the face of strict restrictions applicable to the use of Cannabis. One can easily estimate the intensity of strictness on Cannabis use from the fact that in California, the arrest of around 100,000 youths in a year was recorded.

420 Event in 2020

In the wake of ongoing coronavirus, 420 event this year adopted different celebration mode. Promoters promoted the event as a big online celebration while organizing a range of activities such as Ganja Yoga, drug war, live streaming, etc. It is important to notice that even in the midst of the celebration mode, cannabis lovers took care of all the precautions which have been put in place by the various government in order to slow down the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic.

All the celebrations happened from homes, and people refrained from socializing. The event was celebrated differently in various parts of the world, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that there was no lack of enthusiasm in the community about the event. The informal get together had been replaced by the in-home light up as people tend to spread the message on their audio and video chats while using social media applications to stay connected.

Medicine shops were open in Michigan in the USA and according to one of the store managers, there had been a shift in the pattern people came and bought the marijuana. The focus on the cleanliness became a prime shift in the process as medical stores were exercising extra care and restraint while delivering Cannabis to buyers. The extra safety precautions include wearing gloves, use of the sanitizer, and maintaining social distance while delivering marijuana. Interestingly, there hasn’t been any marked slowdown in the sales of Cannabis due to coronavirus. On social networking sites, the 420 has been a hot topic of discussion with many forums and communities patronizing celebration of this movement this year safely and securely. Aurora Cannabis (a cannabis community) wrote on micro-blogging site Twitter that this year the celebration would be different (not in the form of a parade or gathering) and from home, but there shouldn’t be any letup in the enthusiasm behind the celebration.

Cannabis and Crypto Connection

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The 420 event this year was celebrated by Cannabis lovers in a different manner, which shows that the community is considerate and mindful of its responsibility to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. In addition, the cannabis community expects regulatory compliance to ease with the passage of time so that they get more liberty in sales and purchase of marijuana in the future.