Cannabis is the most widely cultivated drug that is often trafficked as an illicit drug worldwide, and half of the drug seizures happening worldwide are Cannabis seizures. According to the recent report released by the Hampshire Police, the Hampshire Constabulary has made around 4,919 drug seizures in 2019-2020, which is 24% more than that of the previous year, which is undoubtedly a cause of concern for the nation.

According to Deputy chief constable Jason Harwin,

Jason Harwin

Before this Cannabis seizure, the Hampshire police raided a unit at the Clamp Farm Stables where they found 6.6 million pounds of cocaine and immediately seized them. The convicts of the Clamp Farm Stables case, namely Robert Hey, 41 (Upper Arundel Street in Portsmouth), Lee Matthews 36 (Field Way in Denmead), and Jason Stanley, 20(Passingham Walk, Cowplain), were sentenced.

Amidst all these adverse reports, the Home Office also sees some positive signs like the increase in the drug seizures by police also hints at the strict law enforcement implemented by the Hampshire police to prevent illicit drug trafficking in the UK.

The Hampshire police carry on subsequent raids in various private properties and have been on a seizing spree lately. An ecologist has discovered private land in Blashford during a land survey where 21 fully-grown cannabis plants were found and seized immediately. Hampshire officers attended the area, and the cannabis plants were destructed.

The geographical spread of cannabis seizures is also global, covering almost every country in the world. As per global reports, 2.5% of the world population consume cannabis, and therefore, cannabis abuse is growing more rapidly than cocaine or other drugs. The most rapid cannabis abuse is found in North America, Australia, and Western Europe and is more prevalent among the youth. However, in economic terms, the cannabis market is smaller than the cocaine market, even though the number of cannabis users is more than the number of cocaine users.