On Thursday, the cabinet approved the submission of a new bill for the private use of cannabis by adults in South Africa. However, this Private Purpose Bill of 2020 needs to undergo parliamentary consideration and a public consultation process before signed into law.

According to this bill, an adult can cultivate, use, and process Cannabis plants in private premises without any permission. However, there is a limit to the number of plants. Moreover, the smoking of Cannabis in public places is still unlawful. The country’s Constitutional Court also criminalizes the buying and selling of Cannabis.

Once fully approved, this new law will come out as the main authority for the regulation on the use and consumption of Cannabis. The quantity that an adult can plant and consume will also be determined by the same. However, it is noteworthy that the public smoking of Cannabis is still banned in public places.

Ronald Lamola, Justice and Correctional Services minister, said that this revamped bill would bring a practical judgment from the Constitutional Court, which declared a few parts of the act on controlling the drugs and drug trafficking; medicines and other related substances.

Earlier in 2018, the matter of Cannabis legal use for both personal and medical use was ruled out by the Constitutional Court. This time also we need to wait for the next 24 months to face the verdict by the court.

In South Africa, the illicit use of Cannabis holds 100th rank worldwide. An approximate of 3.65% of the population with the age group of 15-64 have been mostly affected by this. They are using one or other forms of drugs. A spokesperson of the Department of Social Development said to the media that indoor cultivation of Cannabis is on the rise amongst the affluent communities, especially youth. Now when there would be a law, we can sort out such societal issues.