Drug abuse is one of the most vexing issues in recent times. Substance use abuse costs
a lot to a person due to the loss of workplace productivity and raising healthcare expense. Drug addiction is a relapsing disorder characterized by a strong urge to use drugs and loss of control on its consumption.

Medical science has begun to explore the benefits of CBD to counter drug addiction. Though FDA has not approved the therapeutic use of CBD, CBD is thought to play a key role in addressing the issue of drug addiction. There are a few preclinical studies to prove that CBD may have therapeutic properties in cocaine and opioid addiction.

It has already been established that substance use abuse is a relapsing condition. Relapse can be due to various reasons like stress, high anxiety level, and disturbed impulse control. CBD is found to have an “anti-relapse” potential. Although FDA has not recognized CBD, studies from all over the world have shown promise for this compound of the cannabis plant. Another benefit is that CBD can be used in many forms like tinctures, hemp flowers, edibles, vapes, and topical. Only the future is going to tell the hidden benefits of CBD.