Lactating women need to be very careful about what they are putting in their bodies as it will directly impact their infants. Due to the surge in the popularity of the CBD oil and the health benefits that it has to offer, it gets imperative to find if it is safe for a baby.

Many breastfeeding mothers find themselves entrapped in the postpartum depression, which can lead to stress, anxiety, and mood swing. CBD oil can reduce depression in several ways. The anandamide present in the CBD, which is commonly called a bliss molecule, plays a key role in keeping a person happy and motivated. CBD oil increases the amount of Anandamide in the brain. Increase in the Anandamide limits the chances of postpartum depression in lactating women.

Another added benefit of CBD is that it improves the sleep quality of the women when she finds it difficult to get a decent sleep due to her infant’s nursing needs. CBD combats insomnia and also reduces the secretion of cortisol hormone, which is released during stress.