CBD has taken wellness and health industry by storm. CBD is the panacea capable of
fixing any medical condition – from acne and pain to inflammation and nausea. But now studies are proving CBD to be beneficial in erectile dysfunction.

People don’t talk about erectile dysfunction due to the stigma surrounding the condition. But the truth is there nothing to be ashamed of. Although with the passing of each decade, the prevalence of erectile dysfunction goes up, men of any age can experience it.

CBD is one of the natural compounds found in the plant cannabis. It doesn’t have psychoactive properties and hence, doesn’t cause “high feeling.” Recent studies have proved that CBD can be very effective for people with erectile dysfunction. Getting an erection is a complicated process which simultaneously involves muscles, brain, blood circulation, nerves, and hormones. Sometimes ED can be the symptom of other severe underlying condition. ED can be due to psychological and physical causes.

As stated above, getting an erection requires a healthy blood circulation; any restriction to the blood flow can affect the erection in men. CBD oil, which has natural anti-inflammatory properties, can eliminate the inflammation which restricts the blood flow to the penis causing ED.

ED can be due to high blood sugar. The high glucose level in the blood damages the blood
vessels throughout the body resulting in less blood flow to the penis. CBD can help in managing blood sugar level by reducing inflammation and insulin resistance. The anti-inflammatory property of the CBD also contributes to managing the effects of diabetes.

Hormonal imbalance also causes a wide range of problem in men, including erectile dysfunction. Low level of testosterone and thyroid hormone is the root cause of ED. CBD, when gets in the body, connect with the body’s natural endocannabinoid system. ECS is a system which manages many bodily functions including hormones. CBD can help in regulating the hormones and thus offering benefit in erectile dysfunction.